In today’s modern world threats come in various forms including criminals, cranks, terrorists. Crime is a daily occurrence.  In the UK depending on where you live, what you do, what you have, and your profile all contribute to your likelihood of being targeted for criminal activity in one form or another.  The following 5 points will give you an insight into both my own credentials as a security consultant, and the help I can offer you.  There are more details on the SERVICES page regarding the various kinds of work I undertake.


bulletSecurity Consultant to world Governments, Global Corporations. the media & high-net-worth individuals


bulletFormer member of the Royal Military Police Close Protection unit


bulletOver 30 years experience


bullet20 years in close protection, training and covert intelligence operations


bulletProviding security services in both hostile and benign environments


bulletDelivering a sustainable and manageable level of security at an affordable price