mark-military-training-profile-picMy name is Mark Farrant, I am a security consultant with over 30 years in security and investigations including over 20 years in close protection and training as well as covert intelligence operations. I have vast experience providing security services for high net worth individuals, companies and the media in both hostile and benign environments.

I have provided security services to:

HRH Princess Anne
HRH Princess Alexandra
Qatari Royal Family
Rt Hon Tony Blair MP (when PM)
Rt Hon David Cameron MP (when PM)
Rt Hon Robin Cook MP (FS)
Rt Hon John Spellar MP (Min AF)
Nicholas Sarkozy (French PM)
Al Gore (Former US Vice President)
HMA Sir Dominic Asquith (HMA Libya)
HMA Graham Hand (HMA Algeria)
Gen Sir Charles Guthrie (CDS)
Gen Sir Roger Wheeler (CGS)
Admiral (US) Lockhart (Commander NATO)
Gen (US) Wesley Clark (SACEUR)
Gen Sir Rupert Smith (DSACEUR)
LTG (US) Frank Helmick (CG MNSTC-I)
LTG (US) Michael Barbero ( CG MNSTC-I)
LTG (US) Michael Ferriter (DCG A&T Iraq)
Maj Gen Freddie Viggers (GOC MNDSW)
Maj Gen Robin Brims (GOC MNDSW)
Australian Consulates (Nigeria and Turkey)
Canadian Consulate (Nigeria)
Network 10
Mahindra Armoured Vehicles
and more.

I have provided these services in the following countries:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bosnia, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iraq, Kenya, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Spain, Tanzania, Tunisia, UAE, UK.

I provide bespoke services including; Close Protection, Security Driving and Training ( I am a Mahindra Armoured Vehicle instructor), Residence Security, Security Assessments, Security Audits, Security Training, Travel Safe training, Situation Awareness training, Surveillance, Anti Surveillance, Client Briefings, Client/ Team Training (management), Investigations, Asset protection/ management/ recovery, Penetration Testing, Maritime Security, Technical Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, ICOC and VPSHR, operations and training as required.

I pride myself on my high personal standards based on my Royal Military Police background, I assure the utmost confidentiality, professionalism and discretion.