Military trainingClose Protection

A bodyguard or a full close protection team can be the difference between life and death. However all too often we see the modern bodyguard as a fashion accessory for celebrity clients. I will assess your personal security needs and discuss the options available for you to keep you and your family safe at all times.

Driver trainingSecurity Driving and Training

Driving is a very real skill and is integral to your security plan. Having the best training for yourself and your family or employing the right driver with the key core skills is vital. I can assess and train you, your family and driver and pass on the necessary skills and drills. I can drive for you.

residential protectionResidence Security

Your home should be the place where you are safest. Ensuring that no harm comes to you while at home is paramount. Do you have set procedures in place to keep you and your family safe? Do you have adequate security systems in place? I will assess your residential security needs and put in place the best solution.

assessmentSecurity Assessments

Your current security levels must be continually assessed to keep up with the ever changing threat facing you today. Your assessment is based on 7 main factors including your lifestyle. When I assess your security needs I will need as much information as possible in order to give you the most appropriate level of security.

security auditsSecurity Audits

If you already an existing security plan or a security team how can you be sure that they are performing? Is the level of security appropriate? Are you getting value for money? I will assess your current security and make recommendations for improvement where necessary.

security trainingSecurity Training

Are you getting the best product for your needs? How have your security providers been assessed? Do you need your current staff trained to a higher standard? I am a qualified trainer and can take your staff to the highest level.

travelsafeTravel Safe Training

Modern travel is not without its own risk. Even at a low level there is a threat while travelling. Do you travel frequently? Do your family? Staff? What procedures do you have in place to ensure everyone’s safety? I will train you and your family and staff on how to keep safe at all times while travelling. Situation awareness is key to staying safe, can you honestly say that you are aware at all times? What procedures do you have in place?

Business ContinuityBusiness Continuity

Is your business prepared to any eventuality? Can you still function should there be an incident, including natural disaster? I can provide the right solution to ensure minimal impact on your business should anything happen.

SurveillanceSurveillance and Anti Surveillance

Have you been put under surveillance? Would you know? What do you do about it if you have? Surveillance takes many forms and can be used to numerous ends. Are people gathering information about you, your family? Are your movements being tracked? Very often surveillance is the prelude to some form of attack. I can tell if you are under surveillance and put into place anti surveillance measures for you.

technical surveillanceTechnical Surveillance & TS Counter Measures

Technical surveillance is a very advanced concept. Are you under threat of technical surveillance? How can you find out? What can you do if you are or suspect you are under technical surveillance. I can provide you with technical services that will detect any electronic devices. I suggest a regular sweep of your premises, vehicles, computers and other devices.

client briefingClient Briefings/ Team Training and Management

Are you at the stage where you feel you need to have a security team or bodyguard? Do you know what to expect? What can you expect from your team? What levels of performance are acceptable to you? How can you ensure top performance from your staff? All too often I see Principals (employers) being misled by poorly trained, lack lustre staff. I will teach you what you need to know to best manage everyone’s expectations.


An investigation can take many forms, you may only need a low level report written on a particular incident. You may need a full scale in depth investigation into a serious incident. You may need an independent enquiry to verify or refute the findings of another report. Very often a formal report with supporting evidence will add weight to any documentation. I have many years of experience of investigations at home and abroad.

asset protectionAsset Protection/ Management/ Recovery

Your assets are vulnerable, what measures do you have in place to protect them? Are you managing their protection? Have you had assets taken? Does anyone owe you anything that you need to have recovered? My experience in physical security will ensure your hard assets and personnel. I can provide asset tracking. I have the capability to secure your intellectual property. I am able to recover assets owed to you by others.

marine securityMaritime Security

Many high net worth individuals and companies now find themselves aboard ships at sea, whether for leisure or business. These vessels are vulnerable to attack from criminals and terrorists alike and their security at sea or in port is a vital undertaking. I can ensure the security of both vessel and crew at sea and in port.